Wedding Decor Budget Planning

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  Plan your budget for the wedding decor


You can plan your wedding décor budget based on the 3 important points. – (A). No. of functions (B). whether these functions are held in an open area or a closed ballroom. (C). Are you ok with artificial flowers or all fresh flowers.



To help you with an approximate amount usually in an Indian wedding you can consider 4 functions. Mehendi, Sangeet, Wedding and Reception.  Lesser the functions lesser the cost.


If the events are held in an Indoor venue it is cost effective because you save a huge amount on carpeting and lights.Another point to save cost is use of artificial flowers as fresh flowers are always expensive as it a one time use for a decorator.


So approximately for a 2 day wedding with 4 functions all in open except for sangeet and all fresh flowers the budget can start from Rs. 8 lakhs approx.. it can go upto 50 lakhs depending how elaborated and detailed décor you are doing.


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