Weddings in Jaipur

Jaipur is famous for its magnificent monuments, wonderfully laid gardens, colorful markets. Not only this dishes ranging from DaalBati, Pyaazkikachori, MisriMawa, RabriGhevar and a whole lot of mouthwatering Chats are a treat to your taste buds.

There are historic palaces converted into hotels, sumptuous food and splendid hotels together this makes Jaipur the most ideal destination for a lavish wedding.

Jaipur has an International Airport and also it is well connected from Delhi Airport for a destination wedding easy accessibility to the venue leads to a hassle free wedding arrangement.

Hotels like Fairmont, TajRambaugh Palace, Shiv vilas Palace offers rooms of spectacular opulence. Hotels like Neemrana Fort, Samode Palace, Chomu Palace are authentic historic palaces blended with modern amenities.

Celebrate your big day with lap of luxury in Jaipur and our team will ensure that from Groom welcome on Elephant to the best hotel rates, Vibrant Rajasthani welcome  to the rocking Dj you have had a splendid experience.

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