Beach wedding in India

Getting married on the beach is the most romantic moment for the couple. The sunset and cool breeze makes it a delight for the guests. Places like Goa, Kovalam, Puri, have magnificent beaches for weddings in India. But its not just about the pleasant ambiance there are many intricacies involved like licensing for sound in open, permit to use a particular area etc.. A good wedding planner who has a pro hand to take you smoothly through such sticky situations is essential for a beach wedding

Things essential for a beach wedding –

Get the beach licenses cleared before the wedding day or else this small mistake can spoil the entire wedding.

Beach wedding in Goa is suitable only in Winters i.e. October to February.

Goa and Kovalam in India serves as the best wedding destination for a beach wedding in India.

Always wear comfortable footwear for a beach wedding. Pencil heels are not advisable.

Benefits of a beach wedding

A beach is a perfect location for all types of wedding. Be it a morning or an evening wedding ceremony the décor can be creative. Elements like candles can be used for a night beach wedding and bright colors for a daytime beach wedding.

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